Quito airport to Baños

From the Quito airport to Banos the easiest way to get there is to catch the EXPRESO BAÑOS bus from the nearby town of PIFO (1o minutes away).

The bus leaves direct from Pifo everyday at 7:30am and 5:pm and takes roughly 4 hours to arrive.

You could also arrange a direct taxi however they are not common and should cost around $80 one way.

Another cheap option is to go to Pifo and ctach the CITA bus line to Ambato.  Once in Anbato you can easily catch another bus for the hour trip to baños.

The CITA bus line leaves everyday from 6AM to 630PM roughly every hour and a half.
If youd like help getting to baños from the Quito airport we can help guide you form here at the airport hotel.


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